Finding Your Focus: Choosing A Yoga Retreat


If you want to know how to choose a yoga retreat, I'm afraid there's no clear-cut answer. There are a lot of factors to take into consideration; location, duration, teachers/instructors, and so on. You can narrow it down to maybe 3 to 5 really important factors to you and then start your search from there. And if I may make a suggestion? Be sure to include the reason you're attending as one of those deciding factors.

See, everyone has a different reason for attending a yoga retreat. Some people attend it so they can reset their mind, take a step back from life, and just spend some time with themselves. Others enter into it hoping for a new, fresher perspective or outlook. Others attend retreats wanting to challenge their practice, develop the physical aspect of their yoga journey. 

Whatever the reason may be, it's important that you find a retreat that aligns with what your goal. Otherwise you're going to spend the whole retreat understandably upset and uncomfortable. Before choosing, ask yourself - and answer honestly - 'What do I want?'

For those who feel like life is getting a tad too monotonous; does it feel like you're doing the same thing over and over again? Do you feel lukewarm - like you're floating in a sort of stasis, neither burning with passion nor completely frigid against what life has to offer?

Some of us hit a point in our lives when we feel the need for a complete overhaul - a total 180-degree turn. It's a necessary change, but that doesn't make it any less daunting.

Going on a yoga retreat specifically targeted towards helping you recharge, reset, and rethink your current life journey will help you immensely. You might not find the answers right then and there, but it should help you gain more clarity about what you want out of the change and how to prepare for it. Meditation - which you'll be doing a lot on the retreat - can help with the transition period. 

The world we live in moves at a brutal pace. 'Taking things slow' is equivalent to 'wasting time', whereas 'moving too fast' is taken to mean 'this person's efficient.' 
It's a skewed concept, but it stems from the corporate structure and digital transformation. People want things instantly and they like to always see it here as soon as possible. Faster internet speed, faster processing power, news in bite-sized, easy-to-digest-chunks - before God forbid we waste a precious ten minutes reading a newspaper or an article.

This kind of lifestyle can only lead to stress. When we are stressed, we disconnect from our true selves and lose sight of what we want. Relaxation and mediation can help us reconnect with ourselves. Going on a yoga retreat will give us a chance to relax and heal by providing a break from the usual pace of the world. It can give us the chance to examine the scars that life has given us, the hurts we are holding on to, and the resentment we might not be aware we have. Once we are aware of these, we can begin the process of letting go - and healing. To get healed through yoga, click here to get started.

If you need more info on yoga retreats - where to find one, who to approach, what to do, and so on - there are tons of wonderful personal yoga and health blogs available on the internet. Don't be afraid to look around, read up, and ask questions. Namaste! 
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